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Rocking the Wall. Bruce Springsteen: The Berlin Concert That Changed The World. The untold story how The Boss played behind the Iron Curtain, and how this sparked a revolution

Erik Kirschbaum
, a native of New York City and long-time Springsteen fan, has lived in Germany for more than twenty-five years and in Berlin since 1993. He is a correspondent for the Reuters international news agency. He is also a devoted father of four, an enthusiastic cyclist, a solar power entrepreneur and an unabashed  crusader for renewable energy. Rocking the Wall is his third book.

Rocking The Wall explores the epic Bruce Springsteen concert in East Berlin on July 19, 1988, and how it changed the world. Erik Kirschbaum spoke to scores of fans and concert organizers on both sides of the Berlin Wall, including Jon Landau, Springsteen's long-time friend and manager, to unearth this fascinating story. With lively behind-the-scenes details from eyewitness accounts, magazine and newspaper clippings, TV recordings, and even Stasi files, as well as photos and memorabilia, this gripping book transports you back in the middle of those heady times shortly before the Berlin Wall fell and gives you a front-row spot at one of the biggest and most exciting rock concerts ever, anywhere. It takes you to an unforgettable journey with Springsteen through the divided city, to his hotel, and his dressing room at the open air concert grounds in Weissensee, where The Boss, live on stage, delivered a courageous speech against the Wall to a record-breaking crowd of more than 300,000 delirious young East Germans full of joy and hope. Their thunderous reaction to his speech was so intense that it even briefly brought tears to Springsteen's eyes. And their tremendous, powerful cry for freedom became the "final nail in the coffin" of the Communist regime and subsequently helped fuel the uprising that brought down the Wall.

Genre: Biography, Music
Softcover, 144 pages
Dimensions: 5.5’’ x 8.5’’
Release: June 2013
ISBN hardcover:
Suggested retail: $19.95
ISBN softcover:
Suggested retail: $11.95

Inside this book is as clear a statement of the power of this music as anyone, ever, has come up with.” 

—Dave Marsh

"An illuminating and impressively detailed examination of a frequently overlooked moment in the nexus of rock music and political liberation. I learned a great deal and enjoyed doing so."
—Erik Alterman

"...a glorious example of the influence that rock ‘n’ roll can have on people who are hungry and ready for change."
—Michelle Martin for The Washington Post

In telling the back story of how the concert came to be, “Rocking the Wall” also offers a fascinating historical snapshot of East German Communist cultural officials scrambling to contain the brewing political restlessness all around them. 
–Vanessa Fuhrmanns, The Wall Street Journal

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A Tramp in Berlin: New Mark Twain Stories
& an Account of his Adventures in the German Capital.

“This fascinating book is a must-read for any Twain enthusiast!”  —Andy Borowitz 

Andreas Austilat, a twenty-six year veteran newspaperman for Berlin's largest daily paper, knows his city and is clearly a devoted Twainian, and presents his narrative in an easy readable style.
- Kevin Mac Donnell, The Mark Twain Forum

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And here is an interview Andreas Austital gave to the Hartford Courant.

  Mark Twain was born 1835 in Missouri. After as stint on the Mississippi, he became one of America‘s most famous journalist, humorist, travel writer and fiction author. He traveled to Palestine, Italy, France, and twice to Germany.

Andreas Austilat is the deputy editor of the Sunday supplement at Tagesspiegel, Berlin‘s leading daily.
In fall 1891, Mark Twain headed for Berlin, the “newest city I have ever seen,” as America’s foremost humorist wrote; accompanied by his wife, Olivia, and their three daughters. Twain, a “Yankee from head to toe,” according to the local press, conspired with diplomats, frequented the famed salons, had breakfast with duchesses, and dined with the emperor. He suffered an “organized dog-choir club,” at his first address, which he deemed a “rag-picker’s paradise,” picked a fight with the police, who made him look under his maids petticoats, was abused by a porter, got lost on streetcars, was nearly struck down by pneumonia, and witnessed a proletarian uprising in front of his hotel Unter den Linden. Twain penned articles on his everyday life and he also began a novel about Wilhelmina von Preussen, the lonely Prussian princess, unpublished until now, as are most of his Berlin stories. They are assembled for the first time here in this book, together with a riveting account of Twain’s foray in the German capital, by Andreas Austilat.

  The new book includes a story that Twain started in Berlin but never finished, a snarky essay about his Berlin apartment, and a few other never-before-published Twain writings.
– The Hartford Courant

176 pages
hardcover: 6.14x9.21’’
suggested retail: $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-935902-92-8
Softcover: 5.5x8.5’’
suggested retail: $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-935902-90-4

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