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Monika Maertens, the author, is a student at the Berlin University of the Arts. Martin Blath, the original publisher and co-author, came from the Rhine to Berlin in 2002 as a freelance journalist. Two years later, he founded the publishing house Verlag an der Spree, named after the river that runs through Berlin.

Berlin for Free: A Travel Guide to Music, Movies, Museums, and many Free and Cheap Sightseeing Destinations  for the Frugal Traveler. Updated 2011
  Genre: Travel Guide
Softcover, 104 pages
Dimensions 5’’ x 8’'
Release: Januar 2011
ISBN:978-1-935902-409 Suggested Retail: $8.95

“The book is an investment that pays for itself”
—Berliner Kurier

“Whoever wants to—or has to—save, needs that book"
—Der Nordberliner

“This guide for free opportunities has tips and ideas for everybody from underground pop to memorial sites to first-rate classical theater.”
—Der Tagesspiegel


Berlin for Free is an invaluable guide for the frugal traveler, to everything free in Berlin: Underground pop, classical music, and concerts in the park, art shows and exhibitions, museums and movies, readings and theater, sport events, city tours, gay life, and street fairs. All of these no-cost opportunities for kids and grown-ups alike are neatly arranged and easy to find. The book also includes more than two hundred addresses, phone numbers, and web sites—and all the information is fact-checked and recently updated.

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Map: Jewish Berlin

  Jewish Berlin: A Map to Jewish Culture, History, People & Places in Germany’s Capital City answers many questions: Where did Victor Klemperer and Max Liebermann live? What did Erich Mendelsohn and Kurt Tucholsky have in common? And where can you buy bagels at midnight or find a Yiddish theater? This map, created by Hermann Simon, serves as a resource for contemporary Berlin: synagogues, kosher restaurants, and Community institutions. With addresses and hours of operation.
Language: German.
Coming soon in English
Frontside/backside in color
Dimension: 26.5‘‘ x 19‘‘
Suggested Retail: $3.95


Hermann Simon is the director of the New Synagogue Berlin. He received his doctorate in Prague and teaches history and oriental studies at Humboldt University. He served as curator at the Bode Museum and as PR-director at the Staatliche Museen Berlin.

Berlin for Young People

Berlin for Young People is the ultimate guide for young and youthful Berlin visitors, and even for Berliners. The book explains everything you need to know about Berlin’s fascinating history and guides your exploration of the city by foot, bike, boat, bus, balloon, riksha, segway, and subway. You’ll discover flea markets, bars, and bunkers, learn about museums for currywurst, hemp, and the GDR, and relax on a beach in mid-city or at a pool on a ship. Includes numerous phone numbers, addresses, maps, and a chapter on Potsdam.


Genre: Travel Guide
Softcover, 240 pages
Dimensions 5’’ x 8’'
Release: Januar 2011
 Suggested Retail: $7.95


The Berlin Wall Today


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Michael Cramer moved to Berlin-Neukölln as a school teacher in the 1970s, where he got involved with Green Party politics. He became the party’s go-to politician for transportation, and a member of the City Council. In 2004, he joined the European Parliament

The Berlin Wall Today. Remnants, Ruins, Remembrances. A new picture travel guide to the remainders of the Wall since the fall of the Iron Curtain and to memorials of World War II and the Cold War. With a preface by Green Party Parliamentarian Michael Cramer, and numerous maps.

Genre: History/Travel
Softcover, 84 color pages
Dimensions: 8.5’’ x 8.5’’
Release: Summer 2011
Sugg. Retail: $15.95


“This comprehensive, well-illustrated book offers fascinating insights into the world’s most notorious Wall.”

 —Paul Sullivan, slowtravelberlin

"A multi-faceted manual to understanding both the complexity and significance of a world-famous symbol."

—Justinian Jampol, Wende Museum, L.A.

"A picturesque tour through remembrances of the Wall that gives you a unique feeling about Berlin history.”
— Dorothee Dubrau, former Planning Commissioner in Berlin-Mitte


The Berlin Wall Today is a richly illustrated, full-color book that takes readers on a trip to the last remnants of the Iron Curtain, to memorial sites, green parks, hidden back yards, old train tracks, factory buildings, churches, and Prussian cemeteries. The book tells stories of struggle, desperation, survival, and rebirth, of a history that shaped the world and of what is happening today where the Wall used to be: The Wall Park, where young people from all over the world party, a guard tower that is now the Museum of Forbidden Art, the Topography of Terror Museum with the infamous former Gestapo headquarters, and landmarks such as the Reichstag, the East Side Gallery, and Checkpoint Charlie. Numerous maps lead visitors from point to point.

Also by Michael Cramer:
The Berlin Wall Trail

The Berlin Wall Trail
provides a bike tour along the entire length, recounting the incidents that have become the Wall's legacy.


Michael Cramer's Website

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