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Coming in May: Berlin 1945. World War II: Photos from the Aftermath

Michael Brettin, born 1964, studied History, Politics and Slavistics and achieved his PhD from Hamburg University; about the Soviet Union under Gorbachev. Currently, he works as an editor for the daily newspaper ,,Berliner Kurier”. His work on the history of the Berlin Wall was published in the paper and as a magazine.


Peter Kroh, born in 1950, grew up in the German Democratic Republic. He worked as a photo reporter for a number of German newspaper, mostly in Berlin, His last job was as the photo editor at the daily Berliner Kurier. He has curated the pictures for the book. Today, he is retired.


Berlin 1945. World War II: Pictures from the Aftermath: May 1945: World War II is over in Europe. The Soviet army has conquered Berlin, a city reduced to rubble, and now under martial law. Soldiers from America, Great Britain, and France will move in a few months later. Broken tanks and makeshift barricades are littering the streets, tenements and churches were turned into bombed-out shells, tunnels have been flooded and train tracks destroyed. German soldiers are been hauled off to POW-camps in Siberia, while old men are scraping for food, women are trading clothing for survival, and children are left to their own devices in the ruins. And the victors, Russian soldiers of the Red Army, look as much exhausted as the defeated. These rare pictures have been taken by photographers of the Red Army immediately after the surrender. They are published for the first time in the United States, allowing a glimpse into an era of destruction and desperation, but also survival and rebuilding.

These photos depict a grotesque normalcy, beyond the well-known ikonography of heroic liberations and optimistic rebuilding.               

             Genre: Non-fiction, history
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Berlin in the Cold War vividly describes the conflict between the two superpowers—the USA and the Soviet Union—as it played out in Berlin, the divided city that was frontier town, spy post, and battlefield. The book highlights the dramatic events that affected the entire world: the blockade, the airlift, the June 1953 uprising against the Communists, the construction of the Wall, stories of escape and espionage, and the fall of the Iron Curtain. Includes numerous pictures and a map.
Thomas Flemming is a historian who studied at Free University Berlin. He has written numerous books about postwar history in Berlin and curated exhibitions at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin.

“Thomas Flemming managed to tell the whole story of the divided city on just 80 pages, without missing a beat.”

—Berliner Morgenpost

"A gripping book about post World War II history in Germany"

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Genre: Non-fiction, history
Softcover, 90 pages
Dimensions: 6.7’’ x 9.6’’’
Release: Winter 2010
ISBN 978-1-935902-80-5
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