BERLINICA is a publishing house that brings Berlin to America. It is really two independent companies; New York-based Berlinica Publishing LLC with distribution in America and Berlin-based Berlinica Publishing UG with distribution in Germany. Both companies are run by Eva Claudia Schweitzer, a book author and a journalist for twenty-five years.

Berlinica has offices in New York and Berlin. It publishes everything devoted to Berlin in English, mostly books, but also music CDs and DVDs, from fiction to history, photo books, guide books, biographies, books about culture and architecture, and cookbooks. Most books are available in English, and some also in German.

Booksellers can get Berlinica books from theIndependent Publisher's Group in Chicago. Customers can get Berlinica books at, Barnes & Noble, and at every bookstore in America and Germany.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Berlinica?

Berlinica Publishing LLC is a New York-based multimedia publisher that brings books, ebooks, movies on DVD, and CD music from Berlin, Germany, to America. All of our titles are in English or subtitled. Berlinica Publishing UG is a Berlin-based company that published titles about Berlin and Germany in English, as well as in German, or bilingual. 

Who is behind Berlinica?
Berlinica is owned and run by Dr. Eva C. Schweitzer, a book author and former metro reporter from Berlin who divides her time between Berlin and New York City, where she also works as a cultural correspondent. She has written ten books, among them Manhattan Moments, a short story collection, and a Ph.D. about the development of the new Times Square.

What kind of media do you carry?
Berlinica offers fiction, contemporary titles as well as older ones, and non-fiction, among them classics by Kurt Tucholsky or Egon Erwin Kisch. Our non-fiction program focuses on 20th century Berlin history from World War II to the Wall. We also publish a Berlin cookbook, guide books, and photo books. We have children books, biographies, and books on Berlin angels. We carry music from the Golden Twenties and Berlin movies (with English subtitles). We also have books on other German cities or topics, such as Leipzig, or the Martin-Luther-anniversary.

How can I find and buy Berlinica books?
All our books are distributed by Independent Publishers Group (IGB) in Chicago and sold at bookstores everywhere, and also at Amazon,, and other online retailers. Our ebooks are available at the Kindle Store and any other device, such as the Nook, the Sony and the Kobo e-reader, the iPad, the iPhone and Android phones. We also sell calendars, T-shirts, and mugs at and

Can book stores get books directly from Berlinica?
Please buy books from IPG. There may be an exception for non-for-profit organizations or museums.

Where do you get your books from?
We buy licenses of German-language books for the U.S. market, mainly from Berlin-based publishing houses, and we translate them. We do not acquire books that already have an American publisher unless they are out-of-print. We also invite proposals from published authors. As for content, we consider every noteworthy topic as long at it is Berlin-related, relevant, and of interest for an American audience. However, please don't send unsolicited material by snail mail.


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I’m a Berlin-based publisher. How can I get my book into the USA?

If we find a book that we’re interested in, Berlinica will make you an offer to buy the rights, and will continue to produce an English version of the book. Since translations are expensive, it helps if there is an English version already or if you have a backer. We usually also sell the book in Berlin stores that cater to English-language tourists or Berlin residents

Are your authors available for readings or interviews in the U.S.?
​All our authors are available for interviews. They also do readings; but since most of our authors live in Berlin, we need ample time to prepare.

I’m running the German department of a University or a school. What can you do for us?
We offer books at a volume discount to universities and college book stores. Also, we can make our authors, or experts available to speak to your students. In the future, we also might print dual language books, if this is warranted by demand. If you have a topical dissertation (about Berlin), we can talk about publishing it.

I‘m a huge Berlin fan, and I have way too much money for my own good. How can I help you?
Just fork it over . . .  Seriously, you can make a tax-deductible donation to a non-for-profit partner of Berlinica to promote the publishing company or any single book, especially the translation. You will be named in the book and thanked over and over again. You can even make suggestions for having a specific book translated. If you own a website that is even vaguely Berlin-related, we can exchange links and inform each others’ audiences about events.​