"Our Westberlin was really special and something by nostalgic about

Hella Kaiser, Der Tagesspiegel

Our West Berlin! The beloved urban island where bars and pubs were open all night so the locals could plot the revolution! Where beer was cheap and sausage on a roll was considered fancy dinner. Where the tenements still bore bullet holes from World War II, and the draft did not exist. Where the city government regularly stumbled over some real estate scandal and the Communist-controlled S-bahn train did not run. Where old-timers, Turkish immigrants, and students from West Germany lived side on side without much talking, where winter smelled like coal, and summer like weed. This book is devoted to this half-city, surrounded by the Wall, thrown into being in 1949, which ceased to exist in 1989. Two dozen journalists and authors who are living in Berlin, both native-born and later arrivals, have contributed their stories: for those who remember, and for those who wish they did.



Our Westberlin! Stories by Andreas Austilat, Bernd Matthies, Detlef Kurth, Erkan Arikan, Eva C. Schweitzer, Gerd Nowakowski, Gretchen Dutschke, Harald Jähner, Harald Martenstein, Ingo Lamberty, Kerstin Schilling, Martina Schrey, Michael Sontheimer, Paul F. Duwe, Paul Hockenos, Rosa von Praunheim, Tanja Dückers, Thomas Rogalla, Ulli Kulke, Uwe Rada, and Wladimir Kaminer. The cover was designed by Gerhard Seyfried (above).

Our West Berlin
Storybook from the Island
21 Authors from Berlin
Translator: Cindy Opitz
Genre: Literary nonfiction
Hardcover; 224 pp. / 64 pics
Dimension: 6’’ x 9’’
Suggested retail: $ 19.95
ISBN: 978-1-935902-54-6 

Our Westberlin

Storybook from the Island

Twenty-one Authors

Cover by Gerhard Seyfried