Noah Isenberg

is Professor and Chair of the Department of Culture and Media at The New School for Liberal Arts, in New York City, and the author of Edgar G. Ulmer: A Filmmaker at the Margins. Among his other books is Between Redemption and Doom: The Strains of German-Jewish Modernism. 

Peter Appelbaum

Peter Appelbaum MD, PhD, is Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Pennsylvania State University. His has authored Loyalty Betrayed: Jewish Chaplains in the German Army During the First World War and Loyal Sons. German Jews in the First World War, coming out September. He also has unearthed poetry written by German Jewish soldiers, and translated many of those, making them available in English for the first time.

James Scott

James W. Scott, Ph.D., is Emeritus Professor of German at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania. His scholarly presentations range from Rilke’s prose and Kafka’s short fiction to cabaret in East Germany and communicative testing. At present he is editing Ebernand von Erfurt's Kaiser und Kaiserin and preparing a new translation of Iwein, an Arthurian epic by Hartmann von Aue. 

Such sensitive translations are essential resources through which future generations may grasp the impact upon humanity of global tragedies such as the First World War; tragedies from which vital lessons should have been, but have not yet, been learned.

—Felicity Rash, Professor of German Linguistics School of Languages, Queen Mary, University of London

Kurt Tucholsky

Prayer After the Slaughter

The Great War:

Poems and Stories From World War I

By Kurt Tucholsky

was a brilliant satirist, poet, storyteller, lyricist, pacifist, and Democrat; one of the most famous journalists in Weimar Germany, and an early warner of the Nazis. Erich Kaestner called him a "small, fat Berliner," who "wanted to stop a catastrophe with his typewriter". His books were burned and banned by the Nazis, who drove him out of his country. But he is not forgotten.
In this skillful compilation of Tucholsky’s poetry and prose, Appelbaum and Scott bring new insight and understanding of the author’s  sharply critical depiction of the terrors of WWI.

—Barton W. Browning, Associate Professor of German Emeritus, Penn State University
Softcover, 116 pages
Bilingual German/English
ISBN USA:  978-1-935902-28-7 (USA)
ISBN Germany: 978-3-96026-020-2
Suggested Retail: $12.95 / 10,50 €
Ebook: $5.99

In this skillful compilation of Tucholsky’s poetry and prose, Appelbaum and Scott bring new insight and understanding.

—Barton W. Browning, Penn State University

Never before or after have the horrors of the “Great War”, as World War I was known, been captured as by Kurt Tucholsky. The famed Weimar writer, who would become one of Germany’s best-known satirist and journalists, describes surviving in the trenches and fighting a losing battle, the arrogance of the officers and the desperation of the loved ones back home. His writings are similar to those of Heinrich Heine, his role model, in appearing superficially simple, but replete with hidden meanings, they are touching, stirring and precisely to the point. He makes the war that still looms even into our own 21st century come alive. This is the first bilingual anthology in German and in English of his works on World War I.