A sense of the fragile charm of that earlier era.

​— Elena Danielson at Goodreads

Tucholsky delivers the newness and intensity of young love, sweet, sometimes strident, with repartee juxtaposed against the sylvan landscape.

— Victoria Zackheim, playwright, novelist, anthologist
A wonderful and charming love story, finally rediscovered and brought to America

— Claudia Dreifus, Columbia University, New York
. . . fiction that exhibits the intense wit, charm, and rhetorical verve for which he earned his reputation.

Noah Isenberg, author of Between Redemption and Doom: Strains of German-Jewish Modernism

Else Weil


A Storybook for Lovers

By Kurt Tucholsky

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Else Weil, the woman on whom "Claire" is based, was born in 1889 to secular Jewish parents in Berlin. She was one of the first women to study medicine. In 1938, Else fled the Nazis first to Amsterdam, then to Paris. In 1942, she was rounded up by the French police and sent to  Auschwitz. 
Rheinsberg is at once a delightful and a deeply disquieting story. As their brief interlude nears its end, already consigned to memory, there comes with it an end to innocence, to frivolity. 

--Binnie Kirshenbaum, author of Hester Among the Ruins and The Scenic Route
Hardcover;96 pages
5'' x 8''
with many pictures
ISBN  978-1-935902-25-6
​Suggested Retail: $14.95 / 12,00 €

"A wonderful and charming love story, finally rediscovered and brought to America"

—Claudia Dreifus,  Columbia University, New York

One summer before World War I, a young couple escapes on a romantic weekend getaway to the small German town of Rheinsberg, north of Berlin, in the midst of a rural landscape filled with country houses and castles, cobble-stone streets, lush forests, and dreamy lakes. The story of Wolfie and Claire, told with a fresh, new style of ironic humor, became Kurt Tucholsky’s first literary success and the blueprint for love for an entire generation.

Also in this book: Love poems for Claire; poems Tucholsky wrote for Else Weil, his first wife and the role model for the book's main character, and also  Among City Wizard, a magical short story. 

With the original preface Tucholsky wrote after the 50.000 copy of the original book was printed, and an afterword by Peter Boethig, Ph. D., the director of the Tucholsky Museum in Rheinsberg.