Rose Marie Donhauser is one of the most acclaimed authors of cookbooks in Germany

  —Umschau Verlag

The Berlin Cookbook

Traditional Recipes

and Nourishing Stories

By Rose Marie Donhauser

Rose Marie


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is an experienced cook, and also a cookbook author who has written many books especially about regional cuisine, travel journalist, food critic, and a member of the jury of Berlin’s master chefs, which annually honors the city’s best restaurants. Originally from Bavaria, she now lives and works in Berlin.

Beautiful pictures, entertaining texts, and easy to process, fresh ingredients.


The Berlin Cookbook reveals how to make Schnitzel, Currywurst, Eisbein, Döner Kebap, and those jelly donuts known as Berliners—and how easy it is, since Berlin cuisine is simple, wholesome, and down-to-earth. This cookbook offers traditional recipes and also tells stories about the heritage of Berlin food: how Eisbein got its name, why Friedrich II made Prussian farmers plant potatoes, how meatballs were imported by Huguenots, and how Bismarck got his herring