Rosemarie Reed

The Path to

Nuclear Fission

A Movie on DVD by Rosemarie Reed

Rosemarie Reed is an award-winning producer of documentary films, and she travels the world. But the two places she calls home are New York and Berlin, Most of her work portrays women in science, politics, history and the arts, to document their achievements, plights, and legacies. Linda Hunt (left) is an Academy Award-winning actress best known from The Practice.

Ms Reed's film honors the lives of women who were more than significant investigators and inventors. They were ‘all the right people.’

 —Education Update Online 
The Red Orchestra is a documentary about a Berlin-based resistance group that fought against the Third Reich inside Germany. The Gestapo labeled The Red Orchestra Communists and traitors for their efforts to fight Hitler, and so did the Allied Secret Services. But they held a variety of political and religious beliefs. Only recently have historians recognized them as one of the largest and most important resistance groups. This documentary, made by Stefan Roloff, the son of Helmut Roloff,  one of the survivors, tells their story for the first time to an American audience, using a pioneering animation technique and powerful original footage.